We are a Mexican Company dedicated to avocado growing, harvesting and packing. We have total control of all our processes, from its plantation to its harvest, selection, packing and distribution to make sure that we supply the best of our products.

Our high quality standards and high technology implementation allows us to provide a healthy, fresh and delicious product to the world.

We now export avocado to Europe, Asia, Canada and Central America.

We are a company of

Corporate Culture

Our mission


To delight our consumers generating a great experience based on high quality product.



our vision


To be a sustainable  leader company in avocado export, giving an added value to our production with strategic partners.

our values


Excellence is not an act, is a habit.


Leadership is the capability of transforming vision into reality.


Respect is basic in integrity.


Loyalty is our commitment.


Innovation, is creativity in action.


our Brands


In Grupo Aguacatero Los Cerritos  we export avocados with great flavor, appearence and condition. Our avocados are also healthy, fresh and high quality.

exportation routes

our certifications

why choose grupo aguacatero?

We assure fruit supply; Grupo los Cerritos has its own production to cover all year.


We mantain the price according to the value of the global market.


Implementation of attractive avocado supply programs.


Technical consulting, such as: dry matter, refrigeration and rippening.


High quality avocados.


Highly qualified personnel.




Cd. Guzmán, Jalisco, México

Privacy Notice

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